Welcome to the Goshen County Library

Welcome to Goshen County Library. We have been serving the citizens of Goshen County for nearly 100 years. You will find a wide range of materials for children and adults. We carry books in print, audio books, e-books, several magazine subscriptions, and local and national newspapers. We have computers for public use and wi-fi is available within the building.

April Book Sale

Due to the holidays we decided to start the book sale on March 30th.


March 30th-April 4th will be full price

April 5th-9th will be the half price sale

April 10th-13th will be the bag sale.


Your donations of used books are welcome at any time! Thank you for your continued support of Goshen County Library.

ISO Square Foot Gardener

We want to get the most use out of our limited space, for our community garden. Thus, we are looking for someone to teach us about square foot gardening!

All interested parties, please contact Joan Brinkley at 307-532-3411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Goshen County Library thanks you for your continued support.


Story times- Tuesday mornings 10:15-10:45

Each Tuesday morning a staff member will present a variety of stories and crafts for preschoolers. This story time is geared towards 3-5 year olds capable of participating independently of their adult caregivers. Caregivers are welcome to join in until the child is comfortable.

 Charcoal and Quill Guild- Thursdays 4-5pm

Everyone 13-18 years of age who hasn't yet graduated high school is welcome to attend. Charcoal and Quill Guild is a collection of teens who are enthusiastic about art, writing, poetry, and other assorted media. Teens who are looking to better themselves through the support of their peers. We usually drink tea, have cookies, do a small art project as a group, and display works in the library. Sharing is not mandatory but encouraged.

See our previous works here

Free Build Fridays- Fridays 2-4pm

Free build Fridays: Encouraging kids to be creative and thoughtful with tinkertoys, Legos, circuit boards and other assorted fun stuff.

This group meets in the Wyoming Room.

Favorite Author Quote for the Moment

If you wish to be a writer, write