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Goshen County Library has partnered with Bloedorn Lumber to create our newest program for children, Bloedorn Builders. On January 20th, we hosted our first Bloedorn Builders; fourteen kids got to make their own Tesla coils and learn about electricity with Ryen Craig, General Manager of Bloedorn Lumber. Ryen introduced how electricity and magnetism interact, demonstrating the lines of a magnetic field with a large magnet and some iron filings. It is this magnetic field that allows the Tesla coils to function.

After the introduction and demonstration were complete and questions were answered, the kids started to assemble their working Tesla coils. After carefully gluing pieces down to the base and gently wiring components together (learning about resistors and transistors in the process), the kids had a functional Tesla coil model capable of illuminating a fluorescent lightbulb.

The next project the Bloedorn Builders will create is a hydraulic claw on February 24th! Registration is required, and space is limited to 15. Register here.