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Goshen Readers Take Flight

Like many of you, summer reading was an essential part of my childhood. Each summer, I eagerly anticipated lounging on a blanket in the sun, delving into a new book, and venturing into new worlds. For me, summer reading was a personal endeavor focused on setting and achieving goals. However, our approach to summer reading at the Goshen County Library differs slightly. We aim for your child or teen to discover captivating books and embark on thrilling journeys through literature while fostering relationships and engagement through interactive activities.

This summer, we will focus on “things that fly,” like bees, butterflies, birds, and even rockets. We’ll spend the summer soaring into book explorations, creative crafting, educational sessions, and chances to win prizes. Adults can also take flight by logging reading progress and competing for prizes.

To get started, set up an account on Beanstack (scan the QR code above) and follow the instructions to enroll in this summer’s challenge: Goshen Readers Take Flight.

We can’t wait to take off with you at the library this summer!